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Rainforest Resort Taman Negara
Taman Negara Pahang, Malaysia

Taman Negara Resort - Rainforest Resort is in harmony with Nature

There are places that promise opportunities to commune with the environment. But it is only in Malaysia’s Rainforest Resort Taman Negara where you can truly be at one with nature.

The resort is tucked away in Kuala Tahan, Pahang, where the headquarters of the Taman Negara or National Park is located. Here you will find one of the world’s oldest and most pristine rainforests, which dates as far back as 130 million years.

The wonders of Rainforest Resort...

Enjoy these natural wonders from the resort’s cosy, well-appointed guestroom or lounge at this Taman Negara Pahang Resort. But modern amenities take a backseat to nature. The resort offers activities, like jungle trekking, caving, and white water rafting, to bring guests closer to nature, so they can fully appreciate its beauty.

Adventure. Comfort. Relaxation. The essential ingredients for a great holiday are at the Rainforest Resort. Check availability and prices.

Taman Negara Resort

Where the View is Simply Captivating

You’re close to nature even at rest. The resort’s 100 guestrooms have all the comforts one could ask for, but more importantly, they were designed to blend nicely with nature, not keep you from it. The rooms have large windows or balconies that open to the lush jungles or hills, offering views that are both stunning and soothing. Details

Taman Negara Resort

Unique and Extraordinary

Put a little twist in your corporate and social gatherings by organising them at the resort and adding “nature’s touch.” We have event facilities that are ideal for training, conventions, and weddings. Even recreation is redefined by nature. Have a quick snack at the open-air coffee house, or put your tactical skills to the test at the Warzone paintball park. Details

Check availability and prices